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House Price In 2008 ?pro Buyer Or Pro Seller?

The number of those getting new mortgage fell again in September 2007. Expert believes the house price growth in 2008 from 0% to -3%. The economy is set to slow down in 2008, according to a report from Capital Economics as past rate increases, a weaker global backdrop and tighter credit conditions take their toll on activity, although interest rate cuts are now on the cards, perhaps as soon as next month.

Diana Choyleva of Lombard Street Research said: "We are now clearly at the end of the house price boom. We think there will be a correction next year, although it is unlikely to be as severe as the last crash."

Once buy-to-let concept, alluring many investors to invest in property market is now fast loosing its grip. "A combination of tightening lending criteria and successive interest rate rises has started to hit the buy-to-let market," said Rics housing spokesperson Jeremy Leaf. He warned proposed tax changes could prompt an even larger exodus in 2008.

Many property owners would be more than willing to sell their house. There would be more sellers in market than buyers. Hence selling your property can be irking.

Hence, if you are planning to sell property do it now and do not wait for the coming months expecting U.K property market to take upward turn. The lower approval of mortgage loans clearly indicates there would not be many buyers for your property. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said "The credit crunch has resulted in funding difficulties for a number of mortgage lenders, reducing their capacity to lend."

In such a scenario can real estate agents help you to sell your property faster?

The problem is to find a potential buyer for your property and real estate agents can help only when there are enough buyers. The home selling process through real estate agents is intimidating and protractive. A long process means lower market value of property.

What is advisable here is to look for cash buyers who can help you ell your property against the clock.

Besides faster disposal of property, which otherwise can squeeze sterling from your pocket because of increased mortgage rate and inflated taxation, the cash buyers offer you sell-to-rent option. That is, if you are selling your property in haste or to save yourself from high mortgage repayments, or for any other personal reasons, you can still live on rent in your house after selling it to the private investors.

Not only this, if after some time you are in a position to buy back the property you can easily do so. U.K. property market in the backdrop of recent economy looks gloomy. But it may grow in coming years. Disinvest to reinvest in future would be the right tactic to combat with the present property market mayhem.

By Andrew Taylors


Sell Your House Quickly For Cash

Sell Your House Quickly For Cash By Groshan Fabiola There are many situations when you have to come up with a large amount of cash in a short time. If you take action in due time, you are presented with a lot of options, but if your situation gets critical your options narrow down considerably, and you may find yourself at a point of no return, where you stand to lose everything. Fortunately for you, there are solutions that you have probably never thought of. When your financial problems are overwhelming, when you are going through legal separation, when you go bankrupt, or find yourself in any other situation of the kind, your best option is to sell your house. The problem is that things can be a lot more complicated than they seem, because house sale can be a complex and lengthy process. Getting all the required documentation can lead to months of waiting before you actually manage to sell your house and get the amount of cash that you need in a matter of weeks or even days. If you need to sell your house quickly for whatever reason, your best option is that of contacting investors who are willing and able to buy your property in a few weeks rather than months.

The process is not complicated at all. The Internet is the best place to find such property investors. It is also the most convenient way for you, as it saves a lot of time and money. You have to do no more than fill out an application form, giving detailed information about your property. Based on the information you provide, the investor will make an offer in principle. If you find this offer satisfactory, you will then be made an offer in writing, and the sale process will commence. The best part about this way of selling your house quickly is that it allows you to continue

By Groshan Fabiola


How To Sell Your House Fast Cash To Investors

How To Sell Your House Fast Cash To Investors By Steve Smith Well, you are lucky because today there are several ways to find investors such as: Road signs that advertising WE BUY HOUSES, WE BUY HOUSES UGLY, STOP FORECLOSURE, etc.

You can also look on the Internet and do a search on “WE BUY HOUSES CASH“, “WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH“, ?BUY CASH FAST HOME“, for example. Just type the word “WE BUY HOUSES“ then put your county. Also try putting your city or town.

The more ways you are looking for the investors that you will find. You can also pick up your local newspaper and look for ads with the same as above or the words “WE BUY HOUSES OR TAKE CASH PAYMENTS.“

All investors will have their own specific criteria when purchasing your home. You can certainly sell your home quickly for cash to an investor needs to be flexible enough in both terms or prices, or both. Investors can pay all cash for your home and close quickly if you are willing to work with them. You want this transaction go smoothly so be sure to have everyone whose name appears on the deed of here at home when your shows investor.

Investors are looking to buy a large number of other houses on your side, you must be ready and able to act quickly when they make an offer that is a fit for both you and for them.

Other ways to sell your home quickly include:

● Take your payments for equity rather than all the cash up front
● Sell your home on a lease option
● Offer a certain type of funding owner

If the home needs repairs, tenants (same problem tenants), the privileges attached thereto, and so forth, do not worry. Investors are buying

By Steve Smith